Dark Roast Nicaragua Coffee | Café Diego

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Origin: Nicaragua Coffee

Region: Matagalpa

Process: Wet

Variety: Arabica

Altitude: 700-900 MASL

Roast: Dark Roast

Cupping Notes: Arabica coffee with a creamy body; clean, sweet, citric acidity, caramel sweetness, smooth and aromatic.

Direct Trade Coffee grown at high altitudes 700-900 meters above sea level in old shade canopy in the heart of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Direct Trade has allowed Mr. Diego Chavarria improve the working conditions at its plantations to produce better and more coffee.

More importantly it has allowed Mr. Chavarria to give back to its community and workers by building schools, churches and paying them above the average minimum wage of coffee pickers, provide more balanced diets, education, health, vocational outreach and improve there condition overall for over 100 people year round.