Brilla Coffee is known for its internationally sourced, locally roasted coffee. We roast coffee with great care in small batches in our facility in Rutland, Massachusetts. We are pleased to offer wholesale roasted coffee supply services to Massachusetts cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops. We also distribute our locally roasted coffees to Massachusetts retail groceries and supermarkets.

Restaurants that put creativity and care into their menus and service can offer superior quality to top off the meal by buying wholesale from Brilla. We’ll work with you to select the perfect blend to complement your restaurant or coffee shop’s ambiance and your chef’s creations. Restaurants, bakeries, cafés, and coffee shops that offer their patrons Brilla Coffee will find customers coming back for more, lingering longer, and possibly even buying more food items to enjoy with their coffee.

Massachusetts grocery stores benefit from stocking Brilla Coffee; after all, customers appreciate locally produced items on their hometown grocery store shelves. Brilla Coffee participates in direct trade initiatives, as we source coffee from Latin America and Africa. We bring those beans home to Massachusetts and roast them to perfection in our Rutland, Massachusetts, facility. From there, we can supply your restaurant, café, coffee shop, or business with fresh, wholesale roasted coffee to offer your customers, guests, and employees.

Our support of direct trade supports coffee growers on small farms; we acknowledge their hard work, respect their traditional methods, and value their deep knowledge of their crops by offering prices that reflect their efforts. In turn, these growers can invest more in their businesses, raise wages, and give back to their communities. Some of the farmers we work with have been able to build schools, expand local health-care initiatives, and provide better work and living conditions to residents of their local communities. Your customers and employees will appreciate your support of a local Massachusetts business that, in turn, supports global direct trade efforts intended to improve the lives of coffee growers working on small farms, as well as their communities. 

Thank you for the interest and your support. If you are interested in a Wholesale solution for your business please contact us for further details.


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